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Texas Gold Skiddos is the newest Portable Toilet supplier in the Coastal Bend area.  We offer a large selection of quality products for all of your sanitation facility needs.   Our units are well maintained and serviced regularly based on our clientele's specific needs.   From servicing Construction sites to Weddings, Texas Gold Skiddos has you covered.  Call us today to schedule your next rental!



Contractors regularly use Portable Toilets on site to provide convenient toilet facilities for their employees.  Texas Gold Skiddos is well versed in serving the Construction industry and we look forward to taking care of our Contractor's needs.


Some sites may need multiple units due to the number of crew members on site.  A crew of 10-20+ members may need a second unit or need additional services throughout the week.  Call us today to discuss your specific needs and to schedule your unit rental!


Sanitation services for special events can be a crucial element to your overall success.  Texas Gold Skiddos specializes in providing the necessary services to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.


​Call us today to help you determine the number of units you need and if you may require a concierge attendant on site to handle any sanitation situations that may arise.



Rentals are very specific to the client.  We have many pricing structures available that are tailored to your needs.  Some units are needed for one day and some for months at a time.  No matter how big or small, we are here to take care of your portable sanitation needs.



*Construction Sites


*Fishing Tournaments


*Special Events/Weddings


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